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General Services

Business Registration Services

Ensure that your company is registered with the relevant authorities and meets all the legal requirements for operating a business in South Africa.

DR*CR has the commitment, experience and knowledge to help you with:

  • Private Company (Pty) Limited
  • VAT 
  • Income Tax 
  • PAYE / SDL / UIF 
  • UIF registration with the Department of Labour
  • Workman’s Compensation 


Taxation in South Africa includes VAT, Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Donations Tax, and other Taxes. Due to the intricacy of Tax Laws, we provide services in assisting and advising in situation specific and general taxation affairs.

We pride ourselves in using advanced technology to operate in a paperless environment.

The software packages used and supported:

  • Draftworx (Annual Financial Statements)
  • Taxware (Taxation Administration)
  • Quick Payroll (Payroll Administration)
  • QuickBooks® Software (Bookkeeping)

Support and Training

We supply to small business who use QuickBooks® software in their business.